Foundation runs on Oracle Express Edition

VANCOUVER, B.C. – December 2005 – Foundation Framework is now available to run on Oracle Express Edition, Oracle’s free to develop, deploy and distribute database.

Now small organizations can take advantage of the reliability and performance of an Oracle database for their Foundation data entry applications.

“This is a huge advantage for our customers”, says Mark Allen, President of Foundation Data Management Software,  “it now allows our smaller customers to ability to develop and deploy their applications in Oracle.

Foundation Data Management Software has renewed its committment to the Oracle Database platform by making Oracle Express Edition the default development and deployment database.

About Foundation Data Management Software:
Foundation Data Management Software provides a “Model First” platform allowing businesses to rapidly build and deploy data management applications.  By creating a model of the data within industry standard UML, companies can build and deploy applications to run on Oracle or Sql Server databases to users within the Intranet or across the Internet.

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