Create a new Workspace

Select menu File -> New

Then select General -> Applications under Categories, then Application under Items.

Press Ok

Create Application

Application Name: Sample1

Directory Name: c:\Sample1

Application Package Prefix:

Application Template: No Template

Press OK

Create Project

There is no need to create a project at this time. Foundation will create one for you in the next section.

Press Cancel

Creating a Foundaton Project

Right click over the new Workspace Sample 1 and select New Project…

Alternatively go to menu File -> New and select the category General -> Projects

New Gallery

Select the Foundation Project and Click OK.


Click Next

Step 1 of 5

Enter the project name, description and root directory for the project (a directory under this directory will be created).

Make sure that the Project Directory does not have a space in the path.

Click Next.

Step 2 of 5

Enter the Database Type: Oracle 10g or Oracle XE, hostname and port. The URL will be updated automatically. Edit the URL if necessary.

Click Next

Step 3 of 5

Enter the database username and password for this project.

Click Next.

Step 4 of 5

Leave the Manage Name as the default.

Modify the Default Package Name if necessary.

Click Next.

Step 5 of 5

Change the Business Class A, Business Class B and Business Association AB to suite the project.

  1. Each class must start with an F
  2. Business Association AB should be of the format FClassAClassBs

Click Next.


Click Finish.

Project Structure

The following project structure will now be created for you.

Defining the Application in the Database

Make sure you Oracle database is up and running.

Select the Run icon from the main tool bar.

Select Define

This will startup the application in define mode and bring up on the Database Definition window

Enter the system password, or another user with DBA privileges and press Create Schema

The following warning message will appear, reminding you that the database user will be deleted and recreated.

Press OK.

The database will now be built

When the database has been created and the test data loaded.

Press OK when it is complete and exit the Database Definition window.

Any errors will be outputted to the JDeveloper Running Log.

Running the Application

Select the Run icon from the main tool bar.

Select ClientServer

This will startup the application in clientserver mode and bring up on the default splash screen

Login with the default administrator username: admin, with the password: password. These values are defined in the FUser.csv.

Login with the same username and password you used when you created the project. If you have forgotten it is stored in the FUser.csv file in the data directory.


For any additional support check out the foundation website or email