Report and be alerted to your organization’s key performance indicators:- Create Dashboards by department / position / user role

  • Insert any number of visualization charts or gauges
  • Apply triggers to gauges and be alerted to out-of-scope variables
  • Drill-down from chart or gauge to justification items or reports
  • Receive messages or alerts when KPI’s achieved
  • Measure performance
  • Monitor activities and/or equipment

We all want to know how our business is doing and most of us are used to browsing reports, usually going directly to the bottom line. With the introduction of visualization tools, now you can get a graphical snapshot view of all your business activities on your desktop. BY adding business process management to your gauges, we can even have the system alert you when something is out-of-scope.

Imagine a graphical picture of your sales-to-date versus last year, or production factors, work-in-progress, payables and receivables cycles, pretty much anything you have in a one dimensional report can now be served up in an interactive dashboard.