Following Fdata’s “Our Software Your Way” philosophy, Fdata Business Suite will be configured and customized to meet 100% of the customer’s requirements and clarified during detailed analysis.

The application will run in a web browser (Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2+, Safari 3+ and Opera 9+) on Windows, Mac and Linux without the need of any plugins or downloads.  Along with the web browser interface the desktop client will also be available to users who have Java 6 installed on their workstation.  The desktop interface is designed for power users and those who are doing heavy data entry since they require a more responsive interface and can take advantage of their workstation’s processing capabilities, things which are not available through a web browser.  Both the desktop client and web browser interface use the same backend Framework server and therefore the same business logic.  There is no additional cost to the project to build the desktop client as it is automatically created when the business logic is defined within Framework.

Figure 1 - Logical Architecture
Framework supports single sign-on using integration with an LDAP directory, such as Open LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory, therefore allowing users to log into the application with the same username and password that they use for other applications or their workstation. Employee and user information can also be synchronized from the LDAP directory into the application based upon a specific group within the LDAP directory, such as all staff, or users within the purchasing group.