Start-to-end list of tasks from adding a customer to PPM to rolling out the customer’s application.

My Tasks from Start to End


Task: Add a customer to PMM
Time: 1 Hour
Outcome: Will be able to begin the solutions life cycle.
Action: This is the first step if we don’t setup the customers then nothing happens.
Project Status set to In Progress

PMM Task: Work Order created to setup VM with a life of 2-3 days.
Time: Instant
Outcome: VM gets created for customers and we can begin sending them to learn the application.
Action: Time to setup VM should be minimal if not done within 2-3 days a reminder should be sent.
Task gets created in PMM for someone to create a VM.

PMM Task: Setup VM for customer
Time: 1-2 Hours
Outcome: Customers can now access VM and when ready can use the application.
Action: If not completed within 2-3 days after the task gets created a reminder should be sent.

Task: Meeting gets created in Fdata to introduce customers to App, FRUC and STP
Time: 1 hour
Outcome: Customers should have enough information to get started on their own.

Task: Read over FRUC and understand how it applies to the application.
PMM Task: Get customers to read through FRUC.
Time: 1-3 hours
Outcome: Should be able to understand how the FRUC applies to the application.
Action: Ask them to read a specific section, then go into the application and look at the objects described in that section. Should be able to enter some information based on what is in the FRUC.
After 3-4 days a reminder is sent to someone (customer would be great but probably will have to go to project coordinator) saying that there hasn’t been any progress/updates.

Task: Walkthrough Getting Started doc and complete
Time: 1-3 Days
Outcome: Should be able to comfortably create items from the Getting Started doc
Action: Need to get commitment to start the Getting Started doc and then go into VM and check to make sure items from the Getting Started doc has indeed been created. If there is no information, need to keep on top of them and express that if these steps are not completed the whole process is going to take a long time to complete (Which we do not want).
After 3 days a reminder should be sent to check in with customers to see how things are going. Get them to set a day to test if they haven’t already. The reason is to keep the ball going we don’t want them to stop.

Task: Understand how the STP works
Time: 1 Hour
Outcome: Should know how the STP works
Action: Need to make sure they read over the STP as it should be very easy to understand. (Should probably put 1 line in as an example)
This should be done in conjunction with the Getting Started document


Task: Go through workflow
Time: 1-2 Days
Outcome: Should be able to go through the workflow from beginning to end
Action: Again need the commitment to go into the application and move some objects through the workflow. If there is no work done there is the need to express that the longer they take the longer it takes for them to be on their own.
Task: Get their IT professional to begin setting up their environment
Time: 1-3 Days
Outcome: We want to have their server setup before they are actually finished with training their employees as this will reduce the time needed to move them out on their own.
Action: Want to provide as much information without actually doing any of the installs. We are a resource to ask questions not do things.

Task: Need their SME to begin showing other employees how to use the application.
Time: 1- 2 Weeks with an hour or two a day
Outcome: Need to have more than one SME that is able to use our application.
Action: We don’t want to have training sessions as we do not have the resources. We can assist with questions that arise and any issues that come up but we should be on the sides watching and interacting only when needed.


Task: Roll out their application.
Time:  1 Day
Outcome: Have our application installed on their server
Action: Need to provide instructions on how to install the application on their server
PMM Action: Status set to support equivalent. New Work Order for Support is created.

– Should calculate a time frame that we can tell people, if they follow our timelines, they will be finished in if it is followed.