This document provides an overview of a Framework Application from an administrator’s perspective. Subsequently, a Framework application is simply referred to as an Application. 

The processes are described using a ‘scenario’ type fashion such that the user does something, and, the system does something in response.  Where appropriate, screen shots of actual application behaviour are provided.

This document can be used as a template to produce Administrator’s Guides for other applications developed using Framework.

1.1. Network Configuration

The follow diagram depicts a typical network configuration for an application developed using Framework:

Note: this configuration can be modified in that Database Server and Application Server can be processed on one computer resulting in a two tier architecture (typically undertaken for a small installation). In addition, more than one Application Server may exist each supporting its own group of clients (say a one physical location). Furthermore, the database server and/or any of the application servers may be duplicated in a redundant configuration to provide a backup capability incase the primary server fails.

The follow diagram depicts a typical network configuration for the application:

Figure 1 – Logical Diagram

The physical layout looks like:

Figure 2 – Physical Diagram