Fdata Management Software has taken years of experience and developed a unique technological framework which we can customize for each installation. Packaged solutions include: Our software can be tailored for specific needs of any industry, contact us for an overview.

Key Benifits

Centralized Data Management

All records, forms, fields, reports and processes are stored within a powerful Oracle database to ensure data integrity.

Advanced Data Security

Every aspect of the software and each record is permission and role based.

Definable Business Processes

Process control, business logic and workflows are definable to meet 100% of your needs.

Customized Reporting

Reports can be generated using your existing Microsoft Office and Word templates.

Unique Model First Deployment

Speed up deployments with a unique model first approach.

Built-in Scheduling

Built in scheduling allows effective use of resources.

Fully Modifiable Interfaces

Menus, forms, fields, screens and reports can be modified to match existing viewpoints and accelerate usability.

Video Training Solutions

For each installation, advanced video tutorials and user guides are delivered specific to your industry.