Document Builder Wizard Demonstration

The Document Builder demonstration is based on the creation of a contract. The demonstration guides you through the process of using the Document Builder Wizard to create a contract from a template and pre-written sections of text that were previously stored in the Document Repository.
Accessing the Contract Demo
Java 6 is required to run this Document Builder demonstration.
Download and install Java 6.0 from
To access the Demo Contract Wizard:
  1. Click here to access the application. The Fdata Management Software will run, and the login screen will open.
  2. In the Username field, enter john.
  3. In the Password field, enter password. The Demo Contract window will open.

Creating New Document Templates
The Document Builder Wizard simplifies the process of creating new documents from sections that were previously stored in the Document Repository. The Wizard will guide you through the creation of a Services Agreement Contract.
To create a new document:
  1. On the Contracts menu, click Document Template. The Document Template Maintenance dialogue box will open.

  2. Select the Use Wizard checkbox.
  3. On the Search tab, click the Search button. The Service Agreement template will appear in the Document Template list.
  4. Double-click the Services Agreement template. The Services Agreement tab will open. The Document Section list will appear in the Document Sections tab.

    Note: The Document Builder wizard will automatically enter the name of the template next to the Name field, the creation date next to the Created field, and a template description next to the Description field.
  5. On the Services Agreement tab, click the Generate button . The Document Wizard Entry dialogue box will open.
  6. Select the check boxes beside the document sections that you want to include in your template.
  7. Click the Execute button. The Save window will open.
  8. Name and save your template. It will automatically save as an XML Microsoft Word Document (*.xml). The Document Wizard prompt will open.
  9. Click Yes to view your template. Your new template will open with Microsoft Word.