Fdata has several types of partners. Primary vendors provide us with software that we use with Framework and FBS and Partners who use Fdata products and services as part of their solution.

Primary Vendors

Oracle is the largest database developer in the world and Fdata believes that applications running on an Oracle database is of great benefit to our clients.

ElegantJCharts… JavaBeans™ Chart Components for powerful visualization of your data.

XML compliant for ultimate interoperability, supported by easy to use intuitive chart
designer IDE

Bar Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart, Pie Chart, Radar Chart, Combined Chart, Histogram Chart, XYScatter Chart, Bubble Chart, Stock Chart, Doughnut Chart, Numeric Dial Gauge, Level Gauge, Needle Gauge, Thermometer Gauge and much more… More than 50 types of off the shelf charts library to integrate charts with your applications…


ecmarket has developed a unique technology solution called Community Commerce to address this challenge. CONEXIOM, from ecmarket, is the world’s first Community Commerce solution “Designed by Manufacturers for Manufacturers”. CONEXIOM enables companies to provide customized electronic connections to all of their trading partners – customers and suppliers – large and small – to drastically reduce the cost of Order Management
Robson Communications Inc is the innovator in hosting and managed services with customer service. We specialize in making sense of the IT world of possibilities for every client by listening and understanding their needs. Backed by a state-of-the-art co-location facilities, Cisco Network infrastructure and over 12 years in the IT and Customer Service industries Robson Communications is the leader in providing the complete solution.