Purchasing Manager

The right quantity at the right price delivered on time, that’s pretty much what every purchaser is trying to achieve

  • Supply chain ready with FBS Web Services
  • Automated requirements posting and PO consolidation
  • Unlimited default and secondary vendors
  • Material requirements planning and simulations
  • Unlimited approval levels
  • Budgets by vendor, category, sub-category, item, projects etc…
  • Utilization reporting

Purchasing has been heavily impacted by technology. Online P&A look-up, electronic transfer of PO documents, delivery advisories by email are just a few of the changes we’ve witnessed.

Today’s purchaser needs the kinds of tools that will facilitate intelligent buying and enhanced vendor relations. Fdata’s Purchasing Manager puts tools into the hands of the purchaser that will simplify their work, keep them notified of activities and track all transactions through detailed audit tracking.