The plugins are shipped with the single user version of the Foundation Framework. This only allows for 1 user at a time to use the Application. Contact for complete licensing information for your production environment.


With Java 1.5 developers now have the ability to uniquely assign a globally unique id to each class so that version-conflicts can be detected when RMI is used. This is more usefull for organization that have multiple versions of an application deployed and need to detect when a client is connecting to the wrong version of the server. This is not possible since Foundation applications are deployed using Java Webstart and therefore the client will automatically be updated when ever there is a new version.

To disable this:

  • Open Windows -> Preferences…
  • Navigate to Java -> Compiler -> Error/Warning
  • Expand the Potential programming problems
  • Set ‘Serializable class withoug serialVersionUID to ignore.




The problem is caused by the double quotes (“”) that surround the path to the policy file.

To fix this:

  • Open Project Properties …
  • Navigate to Run/Debug
  • Select the a Run Configuration
  • In the Java Options box remove the double quotes (“”) from around the path to the policy file

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