Download the last version of Java for your operating system from To manage reports and use Document Builder Microsoft Office 2003 or greater needs to be installed.


All Framework applications are accessed via a webpage and deployed to your desktop using Java WebStart technology. On each demo page there is a link to startup the application, when you click on this it will startup Java Webstart and download all the necessary files. Depending upon your Internet connection this can take:

  • Ethernet (100MB) – 2 seconds
  • T1 (1.54MB) – 30 seconds
  • Cable Modem (256kB) – 2 minutes
  • Modem (56kB) – 5 minutes

The majority of Framework installations are on high speed corporate Ethernet networks, so there won’t be a startup delay during normal in office use.

Proxy Servers

Currently, the Demos do not support the use of proxy servers. If your access the Internet using a proxy server then these demos will not work for you. Most office networks do not use proxy servers in front of internal websites therefore this is not a problem during normal office or corporate VPN use. If you are using a proxy server please contact and we’ll be happy to run a Webex demo for you.


If you have any questions or comments please send an email to