Administrators Guide

This document provides an overview of a Framework Application from an administrator’s perspective.
Port forwarding for application and database servers deployed behind a rounter (NAT/firewall) device
Administering the Network
An Application can be configured to manage its persistence using an Oracle 10g/9i/XE database. The database management system must be installed and configured.
Administering the Database
Administering an Apache Web Service
Administering an Apache Web Service
Although IIS is a standard component that is supplied with Windows XP Professional, by default, it is not installed. IIS can be installed as follow
Administering an IIS Web Server
Installing Framework
Administering Framework
Installing and configuring the Application
Administering the Application
An Application Service can also be deployed as a Windows NT/XP/2003 Service
Administering as a Windows Service
Application Maintenance
Troubleshooting Common Errors
Common Errors
Installing and running Eclipse, CVS, and Ant
Appendix A - Development
Appendix B
Application Architecture
System Requirements
This is an end user training manual for use by administrators of Contract Management applications. It is designed to show users who are familiar with the application how to create and manage users, roles, permissions, employees and labour groups.
User Roles Permission