Fdata Business Suite fills an important gap between traditional one-size fits all software (such as a Microsoft Office suite) and the expensive and slow process of hiring a programmer to design a database application from scratch.

 It allows businesses to have a software suite that does exactly what they need, without waiting for future upgrades and with a very quick return on investment.

See how it compares:

Shrink Wrapped Software:

When an organization starts, software and technology often comes as an afterthought. Each employee is provided a computer, a copy of Microsoft office, and expected to find ways to work together.  Files are emailed back and forth, spreadsheets shared, and contact lists and vcards are interchanged. As a business grows, they may put in place a server which allows them to share a contact list, have some files in a central spot, and see each others appointments.

At first, this route seems the least expensive and easiest.  But as your company grows, the low cost of prepackaged software quickly get surpassed by loss of productivity from being unable to automate common tasks including controlling how information is shared, enforcing best practices, or protecting confidential information by having to maintain separate sets of information for various individuals in an organization.

If an employee making $4000 a month is spending 25% of their time performing redundant tasks or a manager is having to ensure employees properly safeguard their information, across a medium sized company this could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost time and money.

Lack of communication between departments can result in confusion and inability to respond to customer requests in a timely matter can leave organizations without a competitive edge.

Written From Scratch Software:

Some organizations, recognizing the problems with their current software, undertake to hire a programmer or database company to design an application for them from scratch.  They know the shortcomings in their current software and have a list of features that they want.  While this provides a fully customized experience, the process can be extremely time consuming and take months or even years to see any sort of results. Security holes in the software may not be found and an organization may feel they are reinventing the wheel.

Sometimes budgets run low before the software is completed and companies find themselves going back to the drawing board.  It can take years to recover the investment, and there is no guarantee that the final software will be able to meet the organizations needs.

Fdata Business Suite:

The Fdata Business Suite (FBS) fits in between the two options, providing a fully customizable application that is ready to deploy instantly.  It contains hundreds of common tasks a business may require: such as invoicing, case and contract management, scheduling, client relationship software and a secure central database, to cover a great degree of common business needs which are usable instantly.

The team at Fdata has spend years building a plethora of tools built around a common application framework which is designed to enforce business processes at each stage, and be fully modifiable to meet the exact needs of an organization..

FBS is flexible.

Each of the screens, menus workflows, and reports can be tailored to your exact needs with minimal implementation time.  Different roles in your organization can even have access to different functions of the software.

Database information is stored securely and can be exported to a common office format to share with outside organizations. A business process manager can automate not only tasks common to one user, but can handle activities that occur across an organization.

Need a manager to sign-off on a repair before sending is to a service department?  No problem, a custom process can be added to handle that exact operation.  Require your employees to follow a specific sales cycle?  A custom workflow can be added for those exact cases.

Fdata Business Suite allows organizations to implement customized changes at a fraction of the cost that it would take to develop from scratch.

Fdata’s team is comprised of programmers and experienced business analysts who will ensure the transition for your staff is easy and that the software works exactly how you need it to.  Packages are available that include training resources and ongoing support.