Fdata Framework IDE plugins for Oracle Jdeveloper are designed to speed up deployment time for developers.

Download and Install

Download and Install JDeveloper 10.1.3 Production Complete Install (includes Windows JDK 5.0) from http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/jdev/index.html

Make sure that JDeveloper is installed in a directory path that does not contain any spaces (ie c:\jdev)

Check for Java JDK 5.0

By default JDeveloper 10.1.3 comes with Java 5.0 installed. This step will help you verify that you have JDK 5.0 installed and are ready to build Framework applications.

Run c:\jdev\jdeveloper.exe, or where ever you have installed JDeveloper.

Open menu Tools -> Default Project Properties …

Select Libraries in the left window

Click on the Change… button

If there is no JDK 5.0 installed follow Java JDK 5.0 with JDeveloper Howto.

Select the 1.5.0.x under the Extension tree on the left side to set Java 5.0 as the default.

Press OK to leave Edit J2SE Definition screen.

Press OK to leave Default Project Properties screen.

Installing the Framework Plugin

Select the menu Help -> Check for Updates …

Click the Next button

Step 1 of 5: Source

Click on the Add… button

Update Center

Name: Foundation 2.1
Location: http://download.foundationdms.com/plugins/2.1/oracle/jdev-update.xml

Click OK

Make sure the Foundation check box is select and Click Next

Step 2 of 5: Updates

Make sure Foundation JDeveloper Plugin is selected and Click on Next.

Step 3 of 5: License Agreement

Click I Agree

Click Next

Step 3 of 4: Download
Step 4 of 4: Summary

Click Finish

Click Yes to close down JDeveloper, it will be automatically restarted and the Framework Plugin will be installed.


To verify that the Framework plugin is installed correctly select File -> New

Select Filter By: All Technologies

In the left hand window select General -> Project

There should be a FProject Item in the right hand window.


If you have any problems with installing the plugin, send an email to support@foundationdms.com

For more information on the Framework plugin and building Foundation applications see the How To’s and the Developer’s Guide.