Fdata Framework plugins for Oracle JDeveloper and Eclipse.
JDeveloper Exception Not Handled Work Around
This work around is because a JDeveloper Code Assist rules is looking for a try catch block somewhere, even through the code complies correctly using javac.
Uninstalling the Eclipse Plugin
Instructions on how to uninstall the Fdata Framework Eclipse plugin.
JDeveloper and Java on Linux
Out of the box JDeveloper 11.1.1 does not come with Java 6 and produces a warning message if you try and run it directly from Java 6. These instructions show how you can get JDeveloper 11.1.1 to run under Java 5 and have the Framework plugin run under Java 6.
Security Access Control Error in JDeveloper
A developer is unable to run either the define or clientserver due to a security access control error.