Fdata`s Document Builder is a powerful tool for any business that creates and manages multiple document types.  With Document Builder you have complete control of your documentation from directly within your business software.  Our software allows you to build, edit, reconfigure, and track any type of document with ease.

  • Securely store content in the document repository
  • Add design layout to any type of document
  • Build standardized documents from pre-written sections of content, such as terms, quotes, etc…
  • Create documents in Microsoft Word and save directly back to the database
  • Generate reports from your existing Microsoft Office and Word templates
  • Rapidly reconfigure documents to meet changing information needs
  • Improve the quality of your documents with  increased consistency and accuracy
  • Reduce costs for documentation development and maintenance
  • Built-in scheduling provides process control, and allows you to track documents and work flows*
  • Securely access data, from any computer or location
  • Permission and role-based access improves data security and document control

Add to the credibility and professionalism of your organization by creating a standard look and feel for all of your documentation.


Try Document Builder out for yourself.