Foundation 1.0 Released

VANCOUVER, B.C. – September, 2004 – Foundation Data Management Software releases Foundation 1.0.

After 5 years of development the next generation of application development frameworks is now available.  “Businesses can now look to build enterprise class data management applications 50-80% faster than with conventional tools,” says Mark Allen, President Foundation Data Management Software.

Foundation uses industry standard UML diagrams to model data entity, attribute and relationship information and can use any Java IDE (Integrated Development Env
ironment). The data model is the basis that Foundation uses to drive the development and creation of data management applications. These applications capture and display, control and transfer raw business data from source to a usable systems database. An application created by Foundation is fully customizable to drive additional business processes or integration with existing legacy systems.

Foundation is a comprehensive methodology and framework of proven, customizable, and extendable systems components to:

  • Model business data, processes and their relationships
  • Present and display data using an advanced graphical user interface
  • Create and update defined SQL Server or Oracle databases
  • Provide systems management support for security, logging, exception handling, messaging, network transport and service management

Foundation’s “Model First” approach ensures that business requirements are captured and prototyped early in the development cycle.  Changes to requirements can be made in the Model and immediately reflected within the application, without any need for redevelopment.  In an ever-changing business world this means that the application can adapt without the need of recoding – a saving of time and effort and a reduction in application errors.

About Foundation Data Management Software:
Foundation Data Management Software provides a “Model First” platform allowing businesses to rapidly build and deploy data management applications.  By creating a model of the data within industry standard UML, companies can build and deploy applications to run on Oracle or Sql Server databases to users within the Intranet or across the Internet.

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