Fdata Framework 3.0 Release

VANCOUVER, B.C. – April, 2007 – FData Management Software Inc. today announced the public release of Framework 3.0.

Fdata Framework provides a quick and easy way for companies to create the exact software solution they require to manage the data within their business.  Framework is a Model Driven Architecture (MDA) tool requiring the developer to only model the application; Framework handles the tasks of getting data into and out of the database and interacting with the user.

Version 3.0 provides even tighter integration with the users desktop, documents are now opened in their native viewer and emails can be sent directly from within a Framework
application. Administrators can configure fine grained security allowing or denying users access to any screen or report. Supports Java 6

  • Document repository uses the OS’s file associations to open documents
  • Create an email directly from an email data field
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Allow / Deny business associations
  • Addresses integrated with Google Maps
  • Export data from the application or import it directly in.

Development time can be cut down by as much as 80%. The exact requirements can be collected from the user using Fdata’s visual requirements gathering methodology.

Framework applications can be developed with Eclipse or Oracle’s JDeveloper.  All the developer needs is Java 6 and access to an Oracle database.

Version 3 has been rolled out into production for all of Fdata’s FBS and Event Manager users.

About FData Management Software Inc.
Fdata Management Software Inc. sells Fdata Framework a “Model Driven Architecture” platform allowing businesses to rapidly build data management applications, and FBS –
Fdata Business Suite, the ERP, BI and Business Management software suite developed with Framework. By creating a model of the data within Framework, companies can
deploy applications to run on an Oracle databases to users within the Intranet or across the Internet.

Fdata Media Inquiries:
Mark Allen President Fdata Management Software Inc. +1 (604) 604 443-5063 or email: info@foundationdms.com

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