Fdata targets Social Services Management with new suite.

VANCOUVER, BC – August, 2009. Fdata Management Software Inc. is expanding into the social services sector with a suite of tools designed for immigrant services and other social services providers.

“We’ve taken the best practices of business and institutional management and applied them to the social service sector,” said President Mark Allen. “This will provide a customizable framework for managing programs, tracking a diverse range of client needs and managing hundreds of volunteers.

Fdata Management Solutions recently deployed one such solution on behalf of Immigrant Services Calgary. Fdata’s replaced an existing series of database and divergent tools to provide a unified client management system to allow the organization to track the services provided to clients, manage volunteers, organize training sessions, manage feedback from clients and provide quick responses for funders.

As more and more social services compete for limited funding, many organizations are turning to technology to improve their bottom line and maximize their efficiencies.

“We can help organizations better leverage their own resources and better quantify their results to their funding organizations,” said Allen.

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Immigrant Services

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