Fdata Launches New Website

VANCOUVER, BC - October 1st 2009. Fdata Management Software Inc. has launched an updated website as part of its plan to release a series of comprehensive management solutions to cover the unique needs of various industries and specialized organizations.

“Over the last few years, our framework suite of tools has been very popular,” said President Mark Allen. “We are anticipating that our prepackaged software solutions will gain a similar support amongst business and organizations looking to address 100% of their core business needs in a single software suite.”

Fdata worked with local Vancouver web designer Dan Grice to simplify the website and highlight the two areas of focus for the company.

The first area of focus is to maintain and enhance “Fdata Business Suite” which is a series of development tools and prebuilt modules designed to be deployed in unique business cases based upon our “Fdata Framework” technology. These tools can be used by programmers and systems integrators to plan their own custom projects. They include comprehensive modules covering unique business cases such as client management, inventory tracking, accounting, payroll, contract management, and scheduling.

The second, and more recent focus, is to market a number of the unique solutions that the company has developed over the last few years into ready to implement business solutions. These solutions are based on Fdata’s definable business logic and allow organizations to quickly implement a comprehensive solutions quickly as compared to custom application development.

“We’re excited to be reaching new markets and to receive positive feedback from our existing clients,” said Allen.

About Fdata Management Software Inc.

Fdata’s core team have been building data entry applications for over 15 years and are experts at designing, customizing and testing database applications.

Fdata Media Inquiries:

Mark Allen – President Fdata Management Software Inc.

+1 (604) 604 443-5063 or email: info@foundationdms.com